Episode 16

#16 The Art of Asking Deeper Questions and Making a Hit Podcast with Richard Midson

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1 – Learn more about the different types of questions that you can use in an interview.

2 – Learn more about rapport building, and the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in an interview.

3 – Learn how to make a hit podcast!


Richard Midson is a former news anchor, editor and journalist on UK radio. He's also a YouTuber who made a show which gained 1.6 million views across its episodes. He's a podcaster and makes a show called "Can I Make a Hit Podcast" and is currently working on a show called "How Not To Get Old and Boring". And finally, he also used to help prepare the leader of the third largest political group in the European Parliament for media interviews. But Richard's greatest passion is helping others get heard. He's always believed that not enough people are getting their stories across in the media. He wants to help every "Podcast Interview Mastery" listener to ask great questions and answer them too as guests, in order to help them share their stories with the world.


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