Episode 20

#20 Mastering 5 Different Types of Interview with Marion Abrams

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1 – Learn more about the 5 different types of interview so that you can develop your own style.

2 – Learn more about the 4 keys to conducting better interviews.

3 – Learn why it is important to show your personality as a host in interviews and how to do it. 


Marion Abrams´ career began in the world of documentary filmmaking in NYC, the projects were exciting and satisfying - PBS specials, NOVA programs and work on a Columbia Dupont Award-Winning Frontline show - but the mountains called.

She eventually settled in Vermont where she worked on TV projects airing on PBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, HGTV, Spike TV, OLN, Spike TV and The History Channel. With the advent of the internet, she and her partners created the Emmy nominated “Vermont Spotlight” online series and began consulting with brands on messaging and story. In 2011 Marion directed the documentary film documentary "Flood Bound," an intimate portrayal of her own town’s resilience in the face of a natural disaster.

Today Marion’s primary focus is overseeing podcasts for Spartan - including "Spartan Up" which she co-created with Spartan Race founder and CEO Joe DeSena (over 25 million views/downloads,) podcaster influencer events for fitness and self-improvement podcasters, and her own podcast "Grounded Content." 


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